Information about my project: Traders Club PRO

Information about my project: Traders Club PRO

Information about my project:

❇️ I`m an independent trader, and my primary goals to trade successfully

Before I was a forex analyst for 10 years and I used to work for different companies on Russian and CIS market. From 2017 I resigned and run an independent project where I help newcomers to roll into forex and stocks trading by providing them my trainings, analytical materials and weekly detailed videos, which I call “Forex Market Review” and “Stocks Market Review”.

❇️ “Forex Market Review” and “Stocks Market Review”

It is similar to what I show you on YouTube but contains about 20-30 instruments. Releases every Saturday/Sunday and a mid-week update on Thursday (~7-8 a.m. GMT). This is what I`ll bring to my English listeners soon. This subscription material will be monthly based. And will start from just only 5 USD.

❇️ The main product that I brought to independent forex traders in Russia and CIS and what I already started in English – it’s a “Traders Club PRO

“Traders Club PRO” – It’s my private Telegram channel, where I post daily pre-market, major news and events notification and my trading ideas (which request some knowledge to use) and sometimes I give direct signals on deals which I’m personally into. This is only for high money amount traders and those one who has at least average theoretical background.

❇️ Not all materials are ready yet – that’s why price for the Club is only 100$

So if you’re ready to have your personal analyst in online with daily trading ideas join my Traders Club PRO, and education materials will also arrive pretty soon.

Also, as a complement to PRO subscription, my customers will get access to traders Chat to speak and discuss their ideas with traders who are subscribed to PRO channel. Sometimes I will come to that chat to ask what pairs my subscribers are into to monitor them closely and give some ideas.

If you have any questions, please send them to my support.
Thank you for your trust and interest to my project! 😘