In this section I will publish analytical notes and trading tips for trading currency pairs in the Forex market. This will allow you to get the necessary amount of information to work out your strategy for working in the Forex market.

I have a knowledge base and experience in analyzing quotes both from a fundamental point of view, based on statistical indicators, statements by the heads of the Central Bank, government representatives, force majeure events, as well as from the technical side. I regularly monitor the appearance of graphical figures, the signals of indicators and oscillators, which can give a point of entry into the market as part of a continuation of the trend, or at its turn. I respect and practically apply the basic tools of technical analysis – trend lines and levels, Fibonacci tools.

Traditionally, I work on weekly charts, as I take into account signals of candlestick analysis as well.
My trading system, which I use to open positions within the day, includes indicators and an oscillator. Profit on trading recommendations is from 15 to 100 points. Here, in the analytics section, writing recommendations for intraday trading will take too much time, which reduces the relevance of the signal to enter the market. Therefore, I recommend that you subscribe to my Telegram channel so as not to miss anything))

I conduct consultations and help those who have long opened a deal with a negative result. As part of my work, I share my opinion on the global trend in the currency pair and moods within the week / inside the day. Feel free to ask questions – we will work.