About me

Hello, my name is Maria. I am an independent trader/currency strategist.

I trade since 2008. I began as a trader, after that I became a forex trading coach, and I cooperated with different forex companies as a financial market analyst and currency-trading expert. I was on TV/radio/traders events a lot. I am pretty famous in Russian traders area (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus).

Since the beginning of 2018, I run my free Telegram channel (by the way, subscribe to this channel!), my website, and I give materials for columns at investing.com, finversia, fortrader.

This site and the telegram channel associated with it is my completely independent project. Here I write what I’m interested in, I share my experience, achievements, and sometimes I give signals to buy/sell currency pairs, metals, oil, indexes etc.

I try to communicate with my subscribers, and answer all questions or comments on the case. You are welcome to write to me under YouTube videos or in e-mail to my support team.

If you need more signals and analytic materials – go to my Trading Club! There I give daily trading information. All details here.